The South

Virginia is for Foodies

by Mary Jo Manzanares on December 29, 2016

Virginia’s surging restaurant and bar scene have recently propelled the Commonwealth to new heights in the opinion of many leading food and drink journals. In fact, National Geographic Traveler named Richmond, Virginia to its elite list of Where to Travel for Food in 2016, citing the city’s blend of English, Native American, and African-American influences […]


Discover Atlanta’s Neighborhoods

by Anthony Manzanares on November 21, 2016

Look beyond the city’s gleaming high rises to discover Atlanta’s soul. Interstate 285 forms a perimeter around the city, and just inside (known to locals as “inside the perimeter” or “ITP”) visitors will find several distinct Atlanta neighborhoods. Each neighborhood brings a unique flavor to the residential streets, gotta-find-it boutiques, and chef-owned eateries of its […]


National Parks in Arkansas

by Mary Jo Manzanares on February 17, 2016

Central High School Historic Site

Arkansas celebrates events and activities all year long as the celebrate the centennial year of the National Park Service. The state is home to eight NPS sites or trails, each with its own special story. Arkansas is also home to one of the National Park Service’s official ambassadors for the centennial, Enimini Ekong, chief of interpretation […]


Outdoor Gravity Park on a Roll in Pigeon Forge

by Anthony Manzanares on July 8, 2015

Pigeon Forge’s newest attraction offers two wet and slippery attractions and one dry activity, and it plans to add two more adventures this summer. It is Outdoor Gravity Park, a new business on the former Zorb site that features the New Zealand iconic OGO adventure and the spinning-in-place Fishpipe. The OGO is a plastic sphere […]


An All-American Vacation In America’s Historic Triangle

by Mary Jo Manzanares on September 25, 2013

America’s Historic Triangle

Experience four seasons of fun in America’s Historic Triangle, where a year-round attraction pass and vacation package allows visitors to take part in engaging living-history programs along with special events and exhibitions. It’s a chance for a fresh perspective on the stories of the nation’s beginnings – the 1607 founding at Jamestown of the first […]

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Free in Little Rock

by Mary Jo Manzanares on September 23, 2013

TTW suitcase

If you’re watching the budget, it’s no problem in Little Rock, Arkansas.  The largest, and capital city of Arkansas, got its name from a small rock formation – la Petite Roche – that was once used as a landmark for traffic on the river.  Today Little Rock offers a vast number of FREE activities that […]


Awesome American Theme Parks

by Guest Contributor on July 25, 2013

Millennium Force at Cedar Point Ohio

When they talk about Americans “super-sizing”, they’re not just referring to their fast food. Somehow everything in America seems to be done on a much larger scale, from supermarkets to cars, festivals to movie special effects. And the same is very much true of American theme parks. These incredible places are visited by millions of […]


Exploring Little Rock Neighborhood by Neighborhood

by Mary Jo Manzanares on May 1, 2013

Little Rock Arkansas downtown market district

Drive through Anytown, USA and you are bound to notice some local color: a someone famous slept here sign, Home of the World’s Largest something or-other, or the world’s capital of something. So what do you get when you visit Little Rock, Arkansas? The Little Rock neighborhoods create a rich patina of cultural, heritage, and […]


Hotel Review: 21c Museum Hotel in Louisville, Kentucky

by Jenni Ingersoll on January 11, 2013

21c hotel, Louisville Kentucky

Louisville, Kentucky might be known to the world as home to the famous Churchill Downs and its prestigious Kentucky Derby.  Some might even know it as the birthplace of  America’s native spirit, Bourbon.  Until recently Louisville would not have made my list of cities housing one of the top ten hotels in the world.  Still, […]


Savannah, Georgia: History Around Every Corner

by Jenni Ingersoll on August 15, 2012

When it comes to historical cities, there are some places, like Philadelphia, that look historical.  Then there are other places, like Washington, DC, that are rich in history because of the past that it holds.   In Savannah, Georgia,  I could not only visit and see the historical sites, but I could actually feel the past that surrounded me. […]