2008 hub culture’s zeitgeist

Every year Stan Stalnaker and his team of global citizens gather their experiences around the world and summarize in this, their now famous Hub Culture’s Zeitgeist Ranking, the cities that for a variety of reasons seem to be at the center of the Universe. An elusive classification that doesn’t get impressed with economic power, …Juan

memorable experiences

Half-drunk with a bottle of Casillero del Diablo, sitting on the floor in the middle of Plaza Mayor, Madrid, having had a great lunch at Museo Del Jamon, and enjoying a spontaneus “Concierto de Aranjuez” interpreted by an anonymous street musician, it felt very close to the most perfect vacation moment I’d ever had. …Juan

most liveable cities

Hyper-connected to the rest of the world through an ample offering of long-haul flights, low crime rates, great education and health system, fair balance of sunny and warm days, plenty of ways to stay informed, availability of drinks after hours, good public transit, lots of green areas and a will to keep them green. …Juan

best reasons to travel

Barely a couple of weeks into my new job and I’m already finding myself immersed into fascinating research on why we travel. There are statistics by regions, demographics and other dimensions which are probably not too different from what is available out there. But so many numbers got us thinking about the …Juan

the utmost global citizen

Let’s start with a powerful assumption: a panel of experts has used the vast resources of the web to determine who is the utmost global citizen. To keep thinks colorful, we shall call him Phileas Fogg. A British citizen with known addresses in London, San Francisco, Manhattan, Dublin, Tokyo & Istanbul; manages …Juan

cultural bridges

Phil Borges

If you were shocked (and you should) by saving the ethnosphere, and felt kind of powerless against the cultural devastation of which Wade Davis was talking, you’ll find hope in the TEDTalk from Phil Borges. The power of his portraits are mostly a way to promote his organization Bridges of Understanding, dedicated to teach …Juan

airports & tourists

Airports reveal a lot about the culture of a country and their people. If you have traveled overseas, specially to the developing world, you’ll agree that leaving the airport’s customs area to join the crowds at the arrivals lounge can be a shocking experience: There are just too many people waiting for their …Juan

saving the ethnosphere

In a passionate defense of real multiculturalism delivered back in 2003 at TED, National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence Wade Davis used the wealth of his experiences with some of the most fascinating indigenous cultures of the world to build a powerful argument in favor of the value of cultural diversity:The world in which we live in does …

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dreaming in swahili

Most migrant stories tell tales of people flooding the big cities of “the North”. So when I got an email from Jenny sent from Zanzibar, Tanzania I knew how precious this unique window into life abroad would be. She is an awesome photographer too, so don’t forget to check her pictures in …Juan

the lebanese girl

Lebanon. A 7 year old girl holds her little brother from the hand while they board the ship that will separate them from their mom forever. She barely knows life herself and doesn’t understand why she must part ways with her loved ones, but is now responsible for the destiny of her little …Juan