Stretching Your Budget in New York City

by Katy Stewart on January 24, 2012

  Shopping on Fifth Avenue, cocktails in Greenwich Village and endless sightseeing – the essential New York experiences may not be the most budget-friendly, but it is possible to make the most of the world’s most exciting city without breaking the bank. Get the New York Pass A first-time visitor to New York City, everything […]

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Stretching Your Travel Dollar in New Orleans

by Tui Snider on January 6, 2012

Jackson Square in New Orleans (photo by Tui Snider)

Some of the best things in New Orleans are free – or nearly so.   I recently visited at the end of a long trip, when finances were getting low, and discovered a few tips that kept my budget in check while allowing me to experience the city to its fullest. Lose Yourself in the […]


Buenos Aires on a Budget

by Katy Stewart on January 3, 2012


Argentina’s effortlessly cool capital combines European-style culture with a distinctly Latin spirit, making it a great destination for a city break with a difference. Better yet, in comparison to Western prices, Buenos Aires is almost ridiculously cheap, meaning that it is the perfect getaway on a budget. I am a city girl at heart, so […]


10 Often Overlooked Money Saving Travel Tips

by The Travelers Way on April 25, 2011

Overlooking the Columbia Gorge

Affording a vacation can be difficult, and especially so if you’ve got children, but even though you may think a vacation won’t fit into your budget this summer, there are lots of deals available.  Consider some of the basic, but often over-looked, money saving travel tips and keep all your options open – you may […]


Educational & Affordable Family Travel in NYC

by Mary Jo Manzanares on April 5, 2011

Manhattan at Sunset NYC

As expensive cities go, New York City is probably toward the top of the list and it might be tempting to pass up a visit.  I’m back in the city again after a bit of an absence, and in only 24 hours I’m reminded of all the reasons why I’m glad to be back.  Yes, […]

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