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Edgar Allan Poe House National Historic Landmark

by Mary Jo Manzanares on August 5, 2015

Edgar Allan Poe’s home in Baltimore is where the famous writer transitioned from poetry to writing short stories. He won his first literary award in Baltimore during his residence here. The Edgar Allen Poe House National Historic Landmark is in an excellent state of preservation with much of the exterior and interior original fabric from the […]


Concrete typically doesn’t excite me, but when I’m in Las Vegas all bets are off. There’s nothing unusual about the concrete in Sin City, it’s all around you.  But for an equally impressive look at concrete head out to Hoover Dam, about 30 minutes away.  This National Historic Landmark has nary a neon light or […]


Exploring Prague Castle in the Czech Republic

by Rita Cook on August 19, 2011

Prague Castle in Czech Republic

The only way to really explore Prague Castle in Prague, Czech Republic is to take a deep breath and dig in.  There are more than a dozen options of things to see within the castle walls.  After all, it is an 1100-year-old landmark so there’s a lot of history inside.  Got a day? Pick your favorite […]


Provence at Your Pace: A Driving Tour

by Jessica Colley on July 7, 2011

Road trip in Provence France

Some travelers might be too intimidated to rent a car during international travel, but once you get over those first few nervous minutes (hopefully in a parking lot and not a major highway) the freedom of a car reveals a depth of culture you might not find otherwise. This is true in France, and specifically […]

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