San Antontio De La Florida: Home To Goya’s Masterpiece

by Guest Contributor on August 5, 2013

TTW suitcase

The San Antonio De La Florida in Madrid, or the Royal Chapel of St.Anthony of La Florida is a chapel in central Madrid, most famous for its frescoes painted by Francisco de Goya. It’s also his final resting place, with his remains being moved there some time after his death. Due to its fame, a […]


Festivals in Spain

by Rita Cook on April 30, 2012

Las Fallas - Courtesy of Valencia Tourism Board

For festivals, look no further than the country of Spain for an exciting reason to celebrate.  With as many as 50 festivals to celebrate thoughout the year, a person could literally take in a festival somewhere in Spain just about any week of the year.  For me, I have my favorites for no particular reason other than when […]


Every Room is Different at This Madrid Hotel

by Rita Cook on April 2, 2012

White Room

Madrid’s Hotel Silken Puerta America is located in an Art Deco building about 15 minutes from the Madrid Barajas International Airport.  The 12-story building of red, purple, yellow, and orange, is the only hotel of its kind in the world and an art lover’s paradise.  The exterior of the hotel was designed by the French architect Jean […]


“i could live here”

by Juan on May 14, 2009

In The Art of Travel, De Botton suggested there are no more places left to discover. With the overwhelming amount of information available on each and every major destination around the world it is likely that I could discover the major landmarks just as well from my computer than walking through them. …


2008 global cities index

by Juan on November 17, 2008

Full Ranking

In January of 2007 I posted the globalization index, a partnership between Foreign Policy magazine and A.T. Kearney. At the time the report listed the most globalized countries, led by Singapore, Switzerland and the United States. A few weeks ago I decided to once again fine tune the editorial line of this blog …

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2008 most liveable cities

by Juan on July 24, 2008

I owe a big apology to all my loyal readers for keeping you in the dark over the last 3 months. Since my last post I travelled to Mexico twice, shared the stage in San Francisco with some of the authorities on the “geoweb”, travelled to Corsica, the French Riviera, Lake Como, St. Moritz; …


2008 hub culture’s zeitgeist

by Juan on January 27, 2008

Every year Stan Stalnaker and his team of global citizens gather their experiences around the world and summarize in this, their now famous Hub Culture’s Zeitgeist Ranking, the cities that for a variety of reasons seem to be at the center of the Universe. An elusive classification that doesn’t get impressed with economic power, …


memorable experiences

by Juan on August 6, 2007

Half-drunk with a bottle of Casillero del Diablo, sitting on the floor in the middle of Plaza Mayor, Madrid, having had a great lunch at Museo Del Jamon, and enjoying a spontaneus “Concierto de Aranjuez” interpreted by an anonymous street musician, it felt very close to the most perfect vacation moment I’d ever had. …


most liveable cities

by Juan on July 30, 2007

Hyper-connected to the rest of the world through an ample offering of long-haul flights, low crime rates, great education and health system, fair balance of sunny and warm days, plenty of ways to stay informed, availability of drinks after hours, good public transit, lots of green areas and a will to keep them green. …

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