Exploring History and Politics in Washington, D.C.

by Jenni Ingersoll on April 26, 2017

Washington D.C. offers an array of memorials, museums, and attractions to explore for those wanting to learn more about the history and workings of the United States. Many government offices are open to the public and available for tours, free of charge. Prior to visiting, I strongly recommended that you contact your local congressman or senator to secure tour tickets […]


Pantheon: History in Paris

by Mary Jo Manzanares on August 20, 2012

Pantheon Paris history

The Paris Pantheon is a neo-classical church in the Latin Quarter (5th arrondissement) of Paris that was modeled after the Pantheon in Rome.  With a dome similar to the one on St Paul’s Cathedral in London, the Pantheon was originally an abbey , but today serves as a glimpse of history as the burial place […]

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The long stretches of desolate road and wide-open spaces of the Wild West have been luring the curious, the dreamers, and the nature enthusiasts since nearly the birth of America. Each summer baby boomers and the retired escape the ordinary by hitting the road to experience the open frontiers—but most likely they’ll pull over for […]


The Washington Monument: Honoring Our First President

by Mary Jo Manzanares on January 17, 2012

Washington Monument at dusk

It’s 897 steps to the top of the Washington Monument, and while the record time for climbing to the top is 6 minutes and 42 seconds, it’s probably a better idea to take the elevator to the top – it only takes 70 seconds.  Or at least it will once the Washington Monument opens to […]


A Classic New York City Excursion: Statue of Liberty

by Jessica Colley on June 13, 2011

Some landmarks in New York City never lose their luster, and the Statue of Liberty is one of them. On a sunny day, boarding the ferry at the very southern tip of Manhattan and cruising over to see the 305-foot statue provides endless pleasure. Not only will you see the Statue of Liberty up close […]