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5 Places to Sip Suds in Surf City, California

Photo credit: jaumescar

  The craft beer movement along California’s Central Coast has a new destination to raise a pint to.  Popular in the U.S. with the mountain bike crowd and other outdoor adventure-seekers, the craft beer scene in Santa Cruz is a leader in the artisan food and drink movement.  This small, passionate community is in its […]

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Eight Ways to Enjoy Route 66 in Missouri

Photo credit: “Caveman Chuck” Coker

You don’t have to travel far on Route 66 in Missouri to realize you’re in for one fantastic road trip. Stretching more than 310 miles from east to west, Route 66 includes two of Missouri’s largest cities, notable attractions, scenic views, and motor courts harkening to a bygone era. Learn more online at Here […]

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Newport, Oregon: The Edge of the Continent, the Start of an Adventure

Yaquina Lighthouse, Oregon

For over 150 years Newport, Oregon has been a premier beach destination for visitors and travelers from near and far. Located roughly in the center of the Oregon Coast, approximately 120 miles from Portland and 85 miles from Salem, Newport is the perfect destination for a quick visit or an extended stay. This quaint but modern […]

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Raise a Pint in Sacramento

Ruhstaller Tap Room, Sacramento

Once home to the largest craft brewery in the Golden State, Sacramento’s beer scene is back – in a big way. Home to more than 40 breweries, the Sacramento region is embracing its agricultural roots to create homegrown beers that are quickly attracting international attention.  Beyond a staggering selection of local brews to choose from, […]

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Armenia Remembers the Past


A century has passed since Medz Yeghern – “The Great Crime” – began, but Armenians have not forgotten. It all started April 24, 1915, when Ottoman authorities arrested and then executed some 250 leading Armenians living in Constantinople. This was followed during the years of World War I by the systematic slaughter and forced deportation […]

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