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A Day at The Museum, Not Exactly Like The Night

AMNH elephants

In 2006, a movie entitled Night At The Museum made all of us fall in love with history. For some it was love at first sight, while for others it rekindled a love we had not explored since World History classes in high school. We fell in love with the historical characters depicted in the movie as they came to life each […]

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Exploring the Big Apple One Bite at a Time

Photo credit: hannibal1107

Whenever I asked the question where should I go when visiting New York, seasoned New Yorkers would almost always reply, “You will never see it all, so pick one area and explore it!” Whether you are visiting for a day or a week, this is excellent advice. There truly is no way to do it all. Picking just one area to […]

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5 Overlooked Places to Visit in Jaipur


Photo by Arun Prabhu,CC BY-ND 2.0 There is a certain charm in Jaipur that leaves a fondness in everyone who visits this marvelous city. There are a many attractions inside this city that delight tourists throughout the year. From the street markets to the magnificent forts, Jaipur has maintained an identity through generations, parts of […]

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Animal Tourism: Endangered Species in Latin America


The natural beauty of Latin America is rife with exotic species that are as much of a part of the inspiration for tourism as the regions in which they reside. But the sad truth is that many are on the path to extinction. I’m sure you’d agree that it’s important we not only see these […]

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New York’s Central Park in Winter

Photo credit: Anthony Quintano

Our family recently relocated from the Midwest to New England. One of the best parts about relocating is getting to explore new places. The possibilities are endless for short jaunts, day trips and weekend getaways. The problem is deciding which trip to do first. A mid-winter break in the New England schools provided the perfect […]

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