Cruising: Circumnavigating New Zealand

by Susan McKee on May 29, 2012

With a cruise, it’s just as much about the journey as the destination. When you’re on a floating hotel for a 14-day circumnavigation of New Zealand, the accommodations, the meals, the diversions on board all take on heightened significance. This voyage on the ms Volendam (a Holland-America ship) was my first experience with a “real” […]


My Quest to Australia

by Jenni Ingersoll on May 30, 2011

In 1983, like millions of others, I was glued to the television set watching the mini-series, “The Thornbirds”.  The tragic love story, set in Australia, was full of beautiful scenery causing me to fall in love with not only the characters, but the country as well.  I knew that one day I wanted to visit […]