Alaska Boasts Craft Spirits and Breweries

by Anthony Manzanares on August 7, 2015

When you think about craft distilleries and breweries, you may not think of our northermost state, but visitors to Alaska can enjoy an attractive array of offerings from Alaska’s instate distilleries. This emergence is due to a craft distillery bill passed last year, giving distilleries the opportunity  to provide onsite tastings and over the counter […]


Learn How to Dog Sled

by Rita Cook on November 11, 2011

Dog Sledding is one of my three favorites things to do, period!  I have done it many times around the world, but there are several “wow” moments that I still think of every time I get on the sled and have the chance to mush. Those wow moments start with remembering the first time I […]

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Celebrate the Snow with a Ski Vacation for the Holidays

by Christina Uticone on October 11, 2011

This holiday season, instead of escaping the snow, embrace it! There is nothing like being outside in the winter, enjoying a fresh layer of powder while you ski downhill, or along the trails through a quiet, peaceful forest. A ski escape during the holidays is a fun way to be active, spend quality time with […]


How to Plan an Alaska Road Trip

by Christina Uticone on July 27, 2011


I lived in Alaska for almost three years, during which we traveled extensively within the state, often by car. You see, I lived in Fairbanks, which is in the interior, and without a substantial budget for airline travel, the only way for us to get anywhere was by car. Car tripping Alaska takes longer, but […]