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Under the instruction from professional drivers, experience the thrill of driving a supercar as part of #WaldorfExperiences

Following a successful test drive in 2014, Waldorf Astoria Hotels & Resorts shifts into the fast lane with the global launch of Waldorf Astoria Driving Experiences, now bookable for guests across North America, Europe, and the United Arab Emirates at 10 of the brand’s 26 hotels and resorts. The package includes access to new Ferrari, […]


Israel: Adventure Travel in the Holy Land

by Lanee Lee on May 7, 2012

Israel has rugged adventures for the serious outdoor lover? Oh yes. While most visitors journey to Israel for religious reasons – it is a spiritual destination for not one but three major religions – yet on my trip, I experienced an equally, but altogether different, sacred Israel. Between Israel’s diverse terrain and spiritual significance, it […]


Negev Desert: Bedouins Do it Better

by Lanee Lee on January 12, 2012

Sitting cross-legged on the glittering purple and silver pillows around the campfire at Noam Bamidbar Farm in the Negev Desert of Israel, I wait for my Nana (mint) tea made by a genuine Bedouin farmer named Mohammad.  As Mohammad spoke about the Negev Desert, I notice Mohammad’s lovely lime green tasseled scarf and tell him I like […]


Israeli Wines: An Enlightening Find

by Rita Cook on August 25, 2011

Golan Heights Winery, Israel

For wine-o-philes looking for something different, Israeli wines might just be the best discovery you’ll ever find.   Sure, the Holy Land is known for religion, but it’s also one of the birthplaces of the wine industry too.  After all, grapes have been a part of this area for centuries.  With roughly 400 wineries in the country […]

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Biking the Sea of Galilee

by Guest Contributor on July 4, 2011

Sea of Galilee

It would be fair to say that cyclists in Israel are spoiled for choices. In a country no bigger than the state of New Jersey, there are an amazing 7 different climate zones. Cyclists can choose from the snowy peaked mountains of the Golan in the north to the barren deserts of the Sinai in […]