Editorial Policy

As is common in the travel industry, our writers receive discounts commonly extended to travel writers.  We may receive complimentary or reduced rates at hotels, resorts, spas, museums, restaurants, transportation and/or attractions.  We may also receive a complimentary product for the purpose of a review.  This professional courtesy allows us to sample a wide variety of experiences which in turn allows us to provide you with the best information, recommendations, and inspiration that we can.  Of course, we pay for plenty of things too.

Our efforts are to always be fair and impartial in our reviews of destinations, experiences and products.  To be honest in anything that we write about, regardless of who is picking up the tab.  While your experience may not be the same as ours, the opinions expressed here are based on our honest experiences, tempered by years of travel, and colored only by our own personal preferences.  In other words, we can’t be bought.  If we like something, you’ll hear us rave.  But if we don’t, you’ll hear that too.  We work very hard to narrow down the type of experiences we will review, doing a good job of matching up what we like with what we think you’ll like.  That means you won’t hear us on a negative rant very often.

Our articles will always include a notification at the bottom if we have received a complimentary or discounted rate that is not otherwise available to the general public.  We will also disclose when we have received any free product or the free use of a product.  If there is no such disclosure, you can assume that we have paid a publicly available price.

The Travelers Way is a business, and as such we run advertising, affiliate links (most typically Amazon), accept occasional sponsorship of posts, and occasionally publish advertorial content.  It’s how we make the money to pay our writers and our other bills.  Advertising is labeled as such, or is otherwise placed in such a way as to be an obvious ad placement.  When we accept sponsored or advertorial content, it will be noted as such.

We’re spelling this out here so that you know our intent – to create an environment of trust between our writers and readers.  We trust you to understand that we need to make a living.  And we trust you to hold us to our commitment to provide honest information and recommendations. While disagreement about travel experiences is possible, and likely probable, if you ever feel we’ve failed on our commitment to deliver honesty in our writing, please contact our Editor in Chief.

Now that we have all that out of the way – let’s get traveling!

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