fiesch, switzerland

Courtesy Sapphireblue @ Flickr

Have you noticed how every little corner of Switzerland looks like a postcard? No wonder they are ranked as one of the countries with the best tourism infrastructure.Juan

hydra, greece

Courtesy RobW @ Flickr

Hydra circa 1970. Mostly a tourist destination, this little Greek island has changed little thanks to a strict policy against motor vehicles. Everyone walks everywhere. Imagine that.Juan

isola santa, italy

Courtesy photonooner @ Flickr

Not too far from Forte Dei Marmi, hidden away by the Apennine Mountains, Isola Santa may provide the ideal retreat with the occasional escape to the fabulous region of Cinqueterre. However accommodation in the area will require some research.Juan

san miguel de allende, mexico

Courtesy of Lucy Nieto @ Flickr

A small colonial village in the heart of Mexico, San Miguel Allende has for decades opened its doors to a legion of American expats. While climate and serene life style were likely a factor for the first few, the large proportion of English speaking inhabitants has accelerated the process.Juan

ronda, andalucía

Courtesy of SantiMB @ Flickr

Ronda has been the source of inspiration for writers like Ernest Hemingway and Orson Welles. Maybe each one of us ought to find our little “muse” town and make arrangements for sporadic creative bursts and go back to our cities recharged and ready to put in motion those great ideas.Juan

Whistler, Canada

Photo by somenice @ Flickr

A destination for over 2 million people every year, this small village of ten thousands inhabitants is perhaps a great example of a town that inspires urban dwellers to seek the outdoors throughout the year.Juan

saint-florent, corsica

On the north-west coast of Corsica, the fishing village of Saint-Florent is a popular tourist destination. Great seafood, wineries, famous Mediterranean beaches and a full range of mountain roads nearby make for a busy yet relaxed hideaway.Juan