It is common in the travel industry for travel writers to receive complimentary or reduced rates for flights hotels, resorts, museums, restaurants, attractions, theater performance, etc., and we also are provided travel related products for review.  Writers at The Traveler’s Way are committed to fairness and impartiality when reviewing a location, attraction, or product, whether they have paid full price or have received a complimentary media admission or discounted rate.  We will always indicate when we have received a discount or freebie, and if not indicated, you should assume we paid a price available to the general public.

While your experience at a destination, or with a product, may be different than ours, what you read here reflects our honest opinions, tempered by years of travel experience, and colored only by our personal travel preferences.  Since travel is an intensely personal experience, we cannot be responsible if your experience is different than our own.

Advertising found on this site, or the occasional use of affiliate links, may result in a small payment coming our way. We occasionally write sponsored posts, and when that happens, they are clearly identified as such.  We do not accept sponsored posts for topics that we would not write about in the absence of the sponsorship, and the sponsorship merely provides additional earnings for writing about an interesting travel topic.

Opinions expressed are those of the site owners and/or contributing writers.  Opinions are always freely expressed and are never bought and paid for. In other words, if we like something we’ll tell you all about it. If we don’t, same holds true.

If you are interested in buying advertising on this site, becoming a sponsor, discussing a sponsored post, or have a hotel, resort, restaurant, travel product or attraction that you would like us to review, please contact us.

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