South Beach is Hot, Hot, Hot

by Anthony Manzanares on February 5, 2018

South Beach, SoBe to many, is a well-known neighborhood of Miami Beach, has a reputation for being a hot place to go – hot weather, hot music, and hot people. It often competes with Santa Barbara, California, for the bragging rights of the American Riviera, but there’s no confusing its distinctive art deco architecture and design […]


Photo Friday: Flamingo at Miami Seaquarium

by Mary Jo Manzanares on November 18, 2011

Flamingo at Miami Seaquarium

Who hasn’t marveled at the awkwardly graceful flamingo?  Ranging in color from the grey hatchlings through various shades of light pink up to vibrant red, these birds fascinate us with their ability to stand, virtually unmoving, on one leg.  But the minute they start to move, those stick-like legs all akimbo, it’s hard to imagine […]