Just Drop Me Off Anywhere

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Oh, just drop me off. . . anywhere is fine.

Anywhere? Really?

It’s that adventurous spirit that makes me curious about where the current Heineken ad series is going to go with the concept. Oh sure, I’ve had the beer, but combine beer and travel and you really have my attention. Add in some appetizers and I’m set for hours.

Let me set up the premise:

Your spouse (friend, partner, family member, whomever) surprises you with a trip. It’s all very secret and mysterious. Being the adventurous soul, of course you’re going to go along with the idea – what an adventure. And how nice to have someone else do all the planning for a change.

With the adventure in full swing, you realize there may be some details you weren’t expecting. Like little information forthcoming. And a blindfold. You get dropped off somewhere. . . special. Sound like fun? Take a look at what this fellow got himself into by saying yes.

Now, I’ve planned a travel surprise for someone before. I’ve done the research, made the reservations, packed and headed off to the airport. I’ve developed cover stories to keep the destination secret. I’ve engaged others in my secret to create faux appointments resulting in what looks like an impossible schedule with not one free minute to spare. In the realistic world of air travel, the secret ends at the airport, of course. Security, rules, regulations, and practicalities intervene to cut short the surprise.

So suspend your disbelief on whether or not this is possible from a practical matter. Does the idea of getting “dropped” off somewhere sound like an exciting travel experience? Practical issues aside, would you be up for it?

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