7 Western Connecticut Breweries with Award-Winning Taste on Tap

by Anthony Manzanares on December 28, 2015

breweries in western connecticut

The craft beer craze sweeping the country has taken firm hold in Western Connecticut, where half a dozen micro breweries offer unique tastes on tap as well as the chance to sample and tour their one-of-a-kind facilities. Beer aficionados will discover many creative new combinations as young brewers experiment with intriguing ingredients. Some of these […]


Summer Road Trip: Historical Attractions in Connecticut

by Mary Jo Manzanares on June 18, 2013

Dinosaur State Park, Connecticut

A summer road trip to Connecticut can provide a way to get in touch with our country’s history, a trip back in time to look at the home of one of America’s most famous novelists, an interactive museum exploring 11,000 years of Native American history, colonial homes that date to the early 1600s, and plenty […]