Breathtaking Mughal Monuments in India – The Mosques

by Rohit Agarwal on August 8, 2016

While India has seen a fair amount of rule of the Mughals, it has also witnessed some of the greatest monuments that they have built. Though these structures are religious edifices and the magnificent compounds make it an experience to worship and surrender you to the lord above, these monuments are also a feast to […]


Guide To The Best Jewish Museums in the United States

by Guest Contributor on May 7, 2014

Guide To The Best Jewish Museums in the United States (via Wicked Good Travel Tips) Although barely 3% of America’s total residents are Jewish, the Jewish community has contributed significantly to the American landscape and way of life since the 17th century. Throughout the country, museums both small and large have been established…  


San Antontio De La Florida: Home To Goya’s Masterpiece

by Guest Contributor on August 5, 2013

TTW suitcase

The San Antonio De La Florida in Madrid, or the Royal Chapel of St.Anthony of La Florida is a chapel in central Madrid, most famous for its frescoes painted by Francisco de Goya. It’s also his final resting place, with his remains being moved there some time after his death. Due to its fame, a […]


Photo Essay: The Vatican Museum, Italy

by Mary Jo Manzanares on May 18, 2012

Double helix stairs at Vatican Museum, Italy

Many of the visitors to Vatican City aren’t Catholic, or even religious at all.  They’re drawn to this small city/state out of an interest in history, politics, and art.  And if you’re keeping track of the countries you visit, this walled city/state located entirely within the city of Rome, counts. Religion does play a part […]

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Legends and Myths on the Road to Santiago

by Rita Cook on April 26, 2012

Pilgrims-Courtesy Tourist Office of Spain in Miami

While many folks have heard of the Road to Santiago and it’s a to-do on many a  bucket list, the truth is that unless you have a lot of time on your hands you will likely not do the roughly 500-mile stretch of road in one trip.  Instead you might do it stages over the […]