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For my last trip to New York City, I approached the planning process in a completely new way: instead of spending hours looking through dozens of sites for deals, lists of hotels, distance to landmarks, comparing prices and star ratings I used one tool: the Livability Calculator from New York magazine’s Neighborhoods issue, …Juan

Experience the Neighborhood

My routine for Saturday mornings includes an easy stroll down a street lined up with a few mature trees, to a recently opened patisserie where I can have freshly baked pastries, perhaps a strong-flavoured tea and from there to the bookstore to secure a good dose of weekly magazines in matters of travel, entrepreneurship and …

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Wanted: Global Citizens

Afar Magazine

From the editorial of AFAR Magazine: We’re looking for an elite group of curious, well-traveled, interesting, and influential people who are willing to help us test the site before we roll it out to the public in September. If you would like to throw your hat in the ring, please visit private.afar.com and fill out …

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New York’s Most Livable

Livability Calculator

The New York magazine devoted its most recent issue to Neighborhoods and in the process of trying to decide which one was the most livable, they ran into some very interesting challenges. Unlike other rankings based on the opinion of an editorial group, they decided to arm themselves with as much information that …Juan

Hyperlocal is Hard

It’s been a long hiatus from writing in this space, but as Alain de Botton says The reason to travel: there are inner transitions we can’t properly cement without a change of locations.8:03 AM Apr 12th via webAlain de Botton alaindebotton And travel, my reliable muse, has not only brought me back to familiar places …

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St. Lawrence Market Teaser

coming soon: our guide to St. Lawrence Market, Toronto

If you’ve been following our Global Culture Tour, you know our second destination is the St. Lawrence Market. A very lively neighbourhood in downtown Toronto, this area will also give us a great opportunity to explore interesting attributes that make places like these desirable to the global citizen. Could one of them …Juan

Coyoacán Teaser

Although I had already shown a little preview of our first photo shoot in Coyoacán, here is another teaser. One of the reasons I’ve delayed the posting of the final photos is because we were very fortunate to gain access to a museum in the area that will give this guide a very …Juan

The Curse of Memorable Places

I find a little bit ironic that Google released their new “Places” page at the same time that National Geographic Traveler celebrates their 25th anniversary with a collector’s edition featuring “50 Places of Lifetime”. My opinion in this matter is likely very biased as this is what I do for a living: try …Juan

Coyoacán Preview

Click to view the photos of Coyoacan in Flickr

For those of you who follow @globalculture on Twitter, you’ve already seen this, but there is one thing you probably haven’t noticed. We started publishing the results from our first photo-shoot in our Flickr pool “I could live here”. Kudos to our photographer in Mexico as he worked really hard to …Juan

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