Susan McKee

Susan McKee is an independent scholar and freelance journalist specializing in history, culture and travel.

Punxsutawney Doppelgänger: Happy Groundhog’s Day

All eyes are on Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania (about 84 miles northeast of Pittsburgh) on February 2:  that’s when Punxsutawney Phil, a particularly long-lived groundhog, emerges from his burrow to deliver his prognostications about spring as he has every February 2 for 125 years. But that’s not what moviegoers think about. Instead, thoughts turn to Groundhog Day, the 1993 film. Bill …

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How to Get A Second US Passport

It took me almost three hours to change planes in Tel Aviv, Israel. No doubt part of the reason for the extra security measures: I’d presented an American passport with entry stamps to Muslim-majority Middle Eastern countries. My suitcase was missing (it would arrive at my house, ransacked but intact, four days later). Still, everything …

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Lacemaking in Finland

She could have been dealing blackjack in a top Las Vegas casino. The lace maker’s hands were a blur of activity as she picked up one wooden bobbin after another, working left to right unwinding the linen threads, then weaving and wrapping them in an intricate design. But she wasn’t in a gambling den. She …

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The Surprises of Portugal

Portugal is full of surprises, among them “hidden” communities of Jews, a unique confection called ovos moles, and the oldest university in Europe. The University That university — established in 1290 — is in Coimbra, an ancient city on the banks of the River Mondego that was the capital of Portugal in the High Middle …

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Granada: Echoes of the Moors

Like countless visitors to southern Spain before me, I stood next to the Alhambra, spread out on the plateau rising above the modern city of Granada, listening for whispers from the ghosts of centuries past.  Looking out over the rooftops of the town, I could see the Sierra Nevada mountains in the distance, still snowcapped …

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