Coming this spring, two of the fashion world’s most celebrated designers, the late Coco Chanel and Karl Lagerfeld, will be subject of two exhibitions at the Hamburg, Germany, Kunsthalle museum and the city’s Museum of Applied Arts. Karl Lagerfeld With the exhibition “Feuerbach’s Muses – Lagerfeld’s Models”, Hamburg’s Kunsthalle art museum is presenting a […]


goodbye 2012

Going on vacation can be invigorating, exciting and downright fun. Packing for a vacation, however, is none of these things. This was the dilemma which presented itself as I tussled with my suitcase while packing for my latest beach holiday. Squishing the ‘necessities’ into a monstrosity of a bag just won’t cut it anymore. It’s […]


Diamonds may be Marilyn Monroe’s best friend, but shoes are most girls’ BFF. It certainly was true of the footwear fanatic Mrs. Sonja Bata who founded the Bata Shoe Museum in Toronto, Canada. Her passion is well-founded as she fell in love and married Thomas J. Bata who made the The Bata Shoe Organization, founded […]