competitiveness report

The World Economic Forum announced its Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Report 2009 will be released on March 4. A couple of weeks ago I was asking people where to find better data that could be used to identify emerging destinations and based on the 2008 version of the report, this may be the …Juan

on being emerging

After my post on the emerging destinations index, I got some really good feedback about how misleading calling them “emerging destinations” was. As I replied in the original comment thread it was mostly a derivative from the original “emerging markets” index which is where I got the data from. It just happens …Juan

emerging destination index

Using the Emerging Markets Index released by Mastercard back in October, I’ve created something I’m going to call the Emerging Destination Index as a tool to provide clues as to which non-traditional tourist destinations may provide the fundamental infrastructure to sustain the type of travellers that I’ve been discussing over the last little while in …

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time for a long vacation

Is the thought of being away from your desk unbearable, specially in these days when everyone is pressed to show their value. It may be easy to use the economic uncertainty to abandon any dreams of vacations, but I suggest you do the exact opposite. Go wilder. Don’t just ask …Juan

two days away

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Wilderness? Only 10% of the land area is remote – more than 48 hours from a large city A recent study by the Global Enrironment Monitoring unit of the European Commission has produced a very interesting visualization of how accessible areas around the world are. Representing in brighter yellow colours those areas that are just …

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