time for a long vacation

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Is the thought of being away from your desk unbearable, specially in these days when everyone is pressed to show their value. It may be easy to use the economic uncertainty to abandon any dreams of vacations, but I suggest you do the exact opposite. Go wilder. Don’t just ask for a few days, go for a few weeks. Here is why:

  • Companies are exploring every opportunity to become leaner. They got used to run with a lot of overhead that now must be questioned. Have you noticed how the summer months are particularly slow in your industry? I bet some of your managers would approve a leave of absence without further consideration.
  • Many of us have mastered the art of omnipresence thanks to advances in mobile computing. You can probably get away from your office for a couple of days and manage to keep up with business. Far from being an elusive tactic; it is a full reprogramming of our work culture after more than a century of conditioning. We feel empowered to align business with life just like business has claimed a space in our personal lives.
  • Contrary to the assumption that these are bad times to think about travel, the fact is that for those who know how to find good deals, there will be plenty. Just check “The World on Sale” by Wendy Perrin for a few strategies on how to save money and travel smart this year.
  • Leaving your house for a few days will likely require little consideration and in most cases making arrangements to have your mail picked up will be sufficient. But a longer trip will require some thinking. Important thinking as you may find yourself trying creative solutions not only to keep your stuff protected, but to reconsider some of your usual expenses.
  • As I mentioned in my recent post two days away, most people would not hesitate to pay $100 per night on a short vacation. Many would even consider this a bargain. But when you’re thinking about not days but weeks you won’t settle for these prices. You’ll explore a large range of options that may go for under $40 a night or even cheaper depending on your destination.

Convinced yet? Now, how to decide where to go? With so much time in your hands you better think twice about the usual sun destinations.

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1 thought on “time for a long vacation”

  1. If you look on travel as a way to experience and learn about other cultures rather than an opportunity for sightseeing, this makes total sense. The more time you spend in a place, and the slower you take things, the more likely you will notice the subtle little things that define life there.

    It seems harder and harder to get long vacations approved though, and some industries more than others I guess. But you give some good ideas for getting round that.

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