Happy Mother’s Day


Dating back to the early 1900s, the second Sunday in May has been set aside as a day to honor  mothers and motherhood, maternal bonds, and the influence of mothers in society. We celebrate that spirit today, by wishing all moms, moms-to-be, and those standing in for moms, a very special day. Photo credit:  Courtesy of Mary […]

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Good Bye 2012

goodbye 2012

As we bid adieu to 2012, I’d like to thank all of our readers who made us a part of their travel life and experiences this past year. The Travelers Way started on a high note at the beginning of the year, and although we’ve gone through a bumpy patch – that’s meant a much

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Happy Thanksgiving 2012

Thanksgiving turkey

From our houses to yours, many warm wishes for a very Happy Thanksgiving. Photo credit:  SXCMary Jo ManzanaresMary Jo Manzanares is a founder and the editor-in-chief of The Traveler’s Way, an online travel magazine proving informational and inspirational travel recommendations for curious Baby Boomer travelers. She has been a speaker at various industry events and

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Happy Birthday USA

US Flag

Happy 235th birthday, U.S.A. You’ve got a few gray hairs, but then again, who doesn’t.  You’ve got some wrinkles and are a little set in your ways at times.  You’ve been through some hard times, and some of that wear and tear is beginning to show.  But – you’ve still got that bounce in your

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Experience the Neighborhood

My routine for Saturday mornings includes an easy stroll down a street lined up with a few mature trees, to a recently opened patisserie where I can have freshly baked pastries, perhaps a strong-flavoured tea and from there to the bookstore to secure a good dose of weekly magazines in matters of travel, entrepreneurship and

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New York’s Most Livable

Livability Calculator

The New York magazine devoted its most recent issue to Neighborhoods and in the process of trying to decide which one was the most livable, they ran into some very interesting challenges. Unlike other rankings based on the opinion of an editorial group, they decided to arm themselves with as much information that …Juan

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The Curse of Memorable Places

I find a little bit ironic that Google released their new “Places” page at the same time that National Geographic Traveler celebrates their 25th anniversary with a collector’s edition featuring “50 Places of Lifetime”. My opinion in this matter is likely very biased as this is what I do for a living: try …Juan

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Travel Stories

Lapham's quarterly on Travel

For many travellers one of the sacred rituals before leaving on a long trip is the search for good books that can be taken on the road as companions on those long rides across vast landscapes or lonely nights in foreign grounds. Pointed out to students that good travel books, a la Farley & Grann,

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The Greatest Destination

A while ago I started to collect city rankings, but more than anything else I was creating the foundation for what would eventually be the greatest destination. If I’ve learned anything throughout this process is that no city can claim such honour. Depending on who you ask, each city will have …Juan

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