2009 hub culture’s zeitgeist

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As we struggle to find ways to survive the current crisis and look at the leaders of the world to provide guidance, the latest Hub Culture 2009 Zeitgeist Ranking will come in handy as a tour of the cities that are better positioned to sustain an acceptable quality of life while providing plenty of opportunities to rebuild for the future. A zeitgeist reflecting the drama of our times:

  1. Washington,DC
  2. its not really about the Obamas – its about the context of our changing expectations of government

  3. Berlin
  4. Berliners become an enigma – povo at home, increasingly affluent abroad

  5. Beijing
  6. Just ignore the noxious skyline as you watch the GDP growth rates, still hovering near 9%

  7. Los Angeles
  8. LA’s fashion scene has stagnated, and the city’s hold on entertainment is slipping to diffusion by web 2.0

  9. Tokyo
  10. the principles of kaizen (continuous improvement) are shaping a really cool new Japanese ecovibe

  11. Sydney
  12. The general attitude down under appears to be one of distant concern

  13. Saö Paulo
  14. Here, ‘crunch’ is in the quinoa, not in the financial vocabulary

  15. Hong Kong
  16. The city is rich enough to sit out the bust, and it can always rely on China’s neighboring Guangdong province to drive the local economy

  17. New York
  18. Hunger breeds innovation, because people actually have to think, plot and scheme to make a difference, and are more likely to do it on a shoestring budget.

  19. London
  20. With large infrastructure projects on the horizon for the Olympics, nimble currency moves and a general stiff upper lip, the mantra now is survival and sobriety

  21. Shanghai
  22. China is one of the last places in the world still experiencing growth, and that means that the party is still in progress here on the Huangphu River

  23. Mumbai
  24. Clearly the November attacks had a large impact on the mood of the city, but they can’t dent the can-do spirit of average Mumbaikars

  25. Singapore
  26. Private wealth and trading (two of the city’s biggest focuses) are giving ground to medical tourism, biotech and other homegrown industries taking root with support from the government

  27. Buenos Aires
  28. international markets and visitors that provide an international feel to the city began to dry up

  29. Dubai
  30. Dubai’s taste for showcases, whether luxury, architecture or design, make the remaining grand opportunities here very interesting

  31. Paris
  32. The current mood is about refocusing on priorities, living life more simply and thinking deep thoughts. Where better than Paris?

  33. Toronto
  34. Canadian globe trotters are heading back home to Canada’s most influential business city as they check out of their stints abroad.

  35. Istanbul
  36. Looking ahead, the story of Istanbul is about youthful opportunity.

  37. México, D.F.
  38. a young population works in Mexico City’s favour, creating optimism and opportunity for the future, generated by an increasingly well educated and global population.

  39. Copenhagen
  40. the Danish way of life, from design to food, with a focus on streamlined simplicity, makes more sense than ever.

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