rocamadour village

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Photo by dynamosquito
Courtesy dynamosquito @ Flickr

Rocamadour, was built on a rock wall at a point were the body of an old ermit was discovered mummified. At these middle age-old times, people thought it was a miracle. […] Registered as UNESCO’s world heritage list as a step on the Way of St. James.

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2 thoughts on “rocamadour village”

  1. This takes me back. I visited Rocamadour with my family more than 15 years ago. From the look of this photo it hasn’t changed since then.

    I wonder if there is an unseen change going on as places like this get internet connections. They have resisted urban sprawl on the outside but on the inside they are increasingly part of the globalised world.

  2. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could live in a place like this without having to sacrifice your professional career or involvement in world affairs?

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