Wanted: Global Citizens

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From the editorial of AFAR Magazine:

We’re looking for an elite group of curious, well-traveled, interesting, and influential people who are willing to help us test the site before we roll it out to the public in September. If you would like to throw your hat in the ring, please visit private.afar.com and fill out a questionnaire that will help us put together a group that represents the AFAR community. This is an opportunity to get in on the ground floor to influence the direction of AFAR.com, and to share your expertise with other like-minded global citizens.

Afar MagazineThe community of people devoted to writing about travel is very savvy and has found on Twitter a great way to keep tabs on the various projects going across the space. The AFAR project spread like wildfire over the last couple of months, so purchasing the most recent issue of their magazine happened without even flipping through its pages.

Yes, there are some silly editorial experiments within its pages, but mostly you’ll find well researched, professionally written articles from people on the road and not behind their desks. I’m particularly fond of the words “nomad”, “global citizen”, “cultural immersion”, ” and so most articles resonate strongly with my travel ethos. But even to the casual reader the quality of the photography will be sufficient to make things interesting. I learned a lot of things about Mexican cuisine and I am from Mexico. I found myself lost in one of the most memorable meals I’ve had in the city, reading about “Los Danzantes” in the Coyoacan area, of which I’m such a big fan.

Congratulations to the AFAR team on a great kick-off to their global journey. I hope we cross paths one day.

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