St. Lawrence Market Teaser

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coming soon: our guide to St. Lawrence Market, Toronto
coming soon: our guide to St. Lawrence Market, Toronto

If you’ve been following our Global Culture Tour, you know our second destination is the St. Lawrence Market. A very lively neighbourhood in downtown Toronto, this area will also give us a great opportunity to explore interesting attributes that make places like these desirable to the global citizen. Could one of them be a good international bookstore where you can get your latest Monocle?

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5 thoughts on “St. Lawrence Market Teaser”

  1. John Bardos - JetSetCitizen

    Monocle is a great magazine! I always pick that up when I see it. I guess that is why I like your site as well.

  2. Daviel Lazure Vieira

    It’s refreshing to hear about a new neighbourhood in Toronto that’s actually new and exciting. It seems like we’re always talking about Queen Street and the Drake when it comes to Toronto’s renaissance, but I’m pretty sure there’s much more than that up there. Can’t wait to see which up-and-coming districts you’ll be visiting in Vancouver and Montreal – and let me know if I can help!

    1. Rule #1 of the Global Culture Tour: let the locals figure out what up-and-coming districts to feature in their cities. Or maybe they are not up-and-coming but have developed a unique personality that fits the lifestyle of the global citizen. So… Daviel, which district should we cover in Montreal?

  3. I fully support the opinion left by John Bardos. Monocle is a great magazine, indeed. I have been also highly impressed from visiting this website.

  4. I constantly read Monocle magazines and very happy. Many interesting stories are usually posted here. As a rule all readers leave only good reviews about it.

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