Indianapolis Museum of Art: A Blend of Art and Nature

by Jenni Ingersoll on August 31, 2016

The Indianapolis Museum of Art is not your every day art museum. Yes, with four floors to explore, it does display a significant collection of art spanning 5,000 years of culture and history. And yes, with 54,000 cataloged pieces it showcases all forms of media from paintings to costumes. But what makes the IMA special is not what is inside the museum, but what […]


10 Reasons to Visit Indianapolis this May

by Susan McKee on May 5, 2014

The Greatest Spectacle in Racing — the world’s largest single-day sporting event — takes place in Indiana’s capital city on Memorial Day Weekend each year, so of course that’s the first reason to put Indy on your travel schedule for May. This year’s running of the Indianapolis 500-Mile Race is set for 12:15 p.m. Sunday, […]


Indy Racing Experience: High Speed Adventure

by Jenni Ingersoll on July 30, 2012

The Indianapolis Motor Speedway is legendary in the racing world. Maneuvering the banked curves of the famed oval was once an experience known only to the most competitive driver’s in the world.  Today, though, it is available to everyday car-poolers and commuters. Indy Racing Experience allows everyday drivers to feel the thrill of racing.  There […]


You don’t have to be an athlete or even a sports fan, for that matter, to enjoy the NCAA Hall of Champions in Indianapolis. Located on the west side of the city’s downtown area, the Hall, which pays tribute to athletic, academic and character-related accomplishments by individual student-athletes, teams, coaches and administrators, is part of […]


Indianapolis: Every Day is a Good Day at New Day Meadery

by Jenni Ingersoll on April 25, 2012

I had heard of Mead.  I knew it was a drink and I knew it had been around for a very long time, but I really didn’t know much more than that. Turns out that Mead is a wine made of fermented honey. Some medieval accounts stated that Mead is linked to the term “honey-moon.”  Women were often […]


Quirky Indiana: Antique Fan Museum

by Susan McKee on April 23, 2012

Antique fans are shiny toys. Perched like rare birds on glass display shelves, they preen with gleaming metal blades, polished chrome safety cages and glowing varnished wood holders, attached electrical cords neatly coiled at the ready. When I heard about the Antique Fan Museum, I imagined something like my grandmother’s attic with dusty old appliances […]


Neighborhood Microbreweries in Indianapolis

by Robert Annis on March 15, 2012

Sun King Osiris Indianapolis

For years, Indianapolis was derisively referred to as Naptown, but that perception has finally have been laid to rest after the city’s bang-up job of hosting the Super Bowl in February. Visitors from all over the world were shocked to find what most Hoosiers have known for years, the Circle City is filled with culture, […]

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Six Cultural Districts of Indianapolis

by Jenni Ingersoll on January 23, 2012

In Indianapolis there are six cultural districts, each with a personality – original, lively and only found in the Hoosier state capital.  Enjoy your favorite district, or find a new one, and enjoy some neighborhoods find that include fun dining experiences, funky restaurants and cafes, shops, galleries, and more, all with that distinctive Indy style. Canal & […]


Super Indy Dining

by Jenni Ingersoll on January 11, 2012

Indianapolis is the capital of the state of Indiana and a capital city for hosting sporting events.  From Auto racing to Big Ten Tournaments, NCAA Men’s and Women’s Final Four Basketball Championships to Olympic Trials for swimming, diving and track and field, and  host of NFL Super Bowl XLVI, Indianapolis is the place for sports. […]

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Super Indianapolis: Much More Than the Superbowl

by Jenni Ingersoll on January 2, 2012

Forbes Magazine recently listed Indianapolis as one of the top cities for a weekend adventure.  Citing the number of athletic events that take place within the capital city and its convenient close to Chicago, Louisville, Cincinnati and St. Louis.  In fact, 65% of the U.S. population lives within one day’s drive, making Indy an easily accessed travel destination. […]

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