New York

New York City Classic Sights

by Jessica Colley on September 22, 2011

In Manhattan, restaurants and shops can sometimes open and close so rapidly, it is impossible to keep up. While there is always something new to discover in the Big Apple, there are also the classic locations that keep us coming back again and again. There’s something about the fall that draws me back to the […]


Fall Festivals in New York City

by Jessica Colley on September 19, 2011

After summer winds down in the Big Apple there are plenty of events for New Yorkers to look forward to. The autumn is packed with festivals in a variety of categories that remind locals and visitors alike that New York is an incredibly vibrant, cultural city. From September through November, some of the most famous […]


5 New York Healthy Restaurants

by Jessica Colley on September 13, 2011

Travelers know that they can get anything, anytime in New York City. As local and seasonal cuisine earns more and more followers, healthy food can now also be added to the anywhere, anytime list — if you know where to look. Across the city there are restaurants that will thrill your taste buds while keeping […]

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Spa Retreat in the Berkshires

by Jessica Colley on September 6, 2011

What makes the perfect retreat? For me, a stellar restaurant and plenty of outdoor activities are essential. For some travelers the cherry on top of a peaceful weekend is a serene spa. Specifically one where there’s no hard-sell on products, just wonderful treatments that leave you feeling revived and refreshed. Blantyre, a country house in […]


5 New York City Neighborhood Wine Bars

by Jessica Colley on August 16, 2011

Oysters At Ten Bells, New York City

  New York is full of endless restaurants with enticing menus, but after a few days of eating hearty, you might be in the mood for something on the lighter side. Enter the New York wine bar, an often candlelit, casual spot to sample wines and eat with your hands, pleasantly sipping and nibbling the […]


A Wine Country Vacation to the Finger Lakes

by Christina Uticone on August 1, 2011

In Upstate New York, south of the Thruway between Buffalo and Syracuse, lies the wine region known as the Finger Lakes. The Finger Lakes is the largest wine-producing region in New York State, and it is a must-visit destination for any wine lover. The Finger Lakes themselves are a series of eleven long, skinny lakes […]


Blantyre Berkshires New York

There is something distinctly American about a road trip, yet too often these words conjure up images of bad hotels and road food. With a little advance planning, it is possible to hit the highway for a thoroughly grown-up version of a road trip. This was my goal last fall, during the peak of the […]

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A Classic New York City Excursion: Statue of Liberty

by Jessica Colley on June 13, 2011

Some landmarks in New York City never lose their luster, and the Statue of Liberty is one of them. On a sunny day, boarding the ferry at the very southern tip of Manhattan and cruising over to see the 305-foot statue provides endless pleasure. Not only will you see the Statue of Liberty up close […]


Howard Beach - JFK airport New York City

Located in Queens, New York’s JFK Airport is just 15 miles from midtown Manhattan on Jamaica Bay.  But depending on your mode of transportation and the time of day it can easily take over an hour to get to a Manhattan destination. There are a number of ways to get into the city, some cost […]


Expand Your Horizons at NYC’s Natural History Museum

by Jessica Colley on May 23, 2011

The Museum of Natural History, new york

There are some New York landmarks that will never lose an ounce of their appeal. At the top of this list for me is the Natural History Museum, a behemoth of a museum located on the Upper West Side of Manhattan flanking Central Park. Here, visitors of all ages marvel at collections of 32 million […]