A Virtual Ride in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade

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I was in Dublin a year ago, just a little too early for all the St. Patrick’s Day festivities. But friends who were there a few weeks later told me about what a crazy time it was – from the annual parade to the beer, from the traditional Irish menu items to the camaraderie in the streets – on this quintessentially Irish holiday.

This year, however, you and I can both ride on a float in the Fantastic St. Patrick’s Parade – albeit a virtual one – by creating and personalize your own virtual float using a range of specially designed tools to get your creative juices flowing. So put your thinking cap on and have fun coming up with your own unique design to help create the longest online St. Patty’s parade. Of course, like any good parade, there are prizes, including a trip to Ireland.

Take a look at this video and then head on over to build you own float.

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