France Rail: Forget the Limits

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When you think of a trip to France, where is it you want to go?

I confess to being a city girl at heart, so the first place I think of is Paris. The museums and the monuments always attract me, giving me a taste of the rich history of the country. While I love strolling the Champs des Elysees for people watching and window shopping, it’s the cobblestone side streets where I spend my money in little shops or cafes. The art, the music, the theater, it all entices me in a way that only a big city can.

  • But there’s plenty more to se in France, so I asked some friends what they’d like to see if they were spending some time discovering the country. Here are some of the answers I got back:
  • Enjoy a fragrant weekend in Provence during lavender season.
  • Visit the historic military sites:  Normandy, Verdun, Dunkirk, Reims.
  • Sample the French version of Hollywood in Cannes
  • Spend a weekend at the beach in Nice.
  • Check out architecture in Toulouse.
  • Or enjoy food and wine in pretty much every town, large or small, that I happen to pass through.

To help you get around the country like a local, France Rail is running a promotion for its rail pass. You can choose between first or second class, and travel for up to 9 days in a 1 month period. The days don’t have to be consecutive, meaning you can spend that weekend in Provence and a weekend in Cannes – with lots of stops in between. The pass also covers transportation on the RER between the airport (Charles de Gaulle) and Nord Station in Paris.

Here’s a video giving you a peek at some of the experiences you can expect when you travel like a local on France Rail.

As with all travel, terms and conditions apply. Check out your travel dates and where you want to go to determine if the France Rail Pass offers significant savings for you.

Where do you want to go in France?

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