Photo Friday: Lisbon at Night

by El-El on December 27, 2013

Lisbon is one of the oldest cities in the world, even older than Rome, Paris, and London (by a couple hundred years). Often overshadowed by those well known capital cities, Lisbon provides travelers with a much less expensive travel experience, offering wide choices for value luxury priced hotel, food, and sightseeing. And with the airport located in the city, Portugal is an easy international destination from the United States.

Lisbon Portugal at night

Two UNESCO World Heritage sites are located in Lisbon, the Belem Tower and the Jeronimos Monastery. The Tower is located on the water in Belem, and the monastery a short walk away. Visiting both in an afternoon is an easy choice, and then stop for a pastel de nata for an afternoon snack. Pastels de nata, also called pastels de Belem, are a delicious Portuguese egg tart pastry found throughout Lisbon.

After the shops are closed for the day, the streets once again become crowded, this time with people meeting up for dinner (a late night affair, like much of Europe) or a glass of vino tinto. While it’s possible to find a quiet street, like the one above, it won’t be for long, as nightlife in Lisbon continues into the very wee hours.

| What I love about traveling is that you can learn about new cultures, explore new places, taste their food and get the chance to meet exciting and interesting people. I love going to the beach. I want to go to places that have snow since we have a tropical weather here. I always wonder what it feels like!

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