Theme Parks in London Providing an Adrenaline Rush

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So, you’re done with London’s high street shopping, have visited London Eye and Buckingham Palace, and had a few drinks in a local pub. But is that all?

It’s time to begin your next adventure at one of the theme parks in London. Put your hands in the air and scream out loud and head to a theme park. London theme parks are all set to give you those jelly legs, and are perfect for little kids and big kids alike.

So get set to scream again with this guide to family fun theme parks in and around London.

LEGOLAND, Windsor 24-05-11

Legoland Windsor

With 150 acres of parkland, Legoland Windsor (in photo above) is home to over 50 interactive rides, live shows, workshops, attractions, and a lot more.

Dragon Roller coaster and Viking’s River Splash are two rides that are sure to send chills down your spine. Younger adventure seekers may prefer the Dragon’s Apprentice coaster. There is also a creative area called Kingdom of the Pharaohs. This indoor ride is full of Laser raiders armed with guns that you have to shoot your way through, fighting with evil mummies and fudging skeletons and traps during this adrenalin pumping journey. But the best parts of this theme park always remains the Miniland, consisting of mini Lego structures of famous London landmarks, creating a mini London. It’s a perfect photo opportunity you don’t want to miss.

And don’t forget to indulge your sweet tooth at the Sweet Shop.

Tips: Book online in advance to save 10% on your tickets (current prices for adults are £33.30 and £25.20 for kids). Since you’ll also be exploring London attractions during your trip, you may want to book a hotel near Heathrow airport which is around 6 miles from LEGOLAND. A choice of hotels is located nearby like Sofitel London Heathrow Hotel.

Thorpe Park

Fun is nonstop at Thorpe Park. If offers the most thrilling roller coasters, carousels, and rides for the adrenaline enthusiast in you.

For extreme thrills and chills, try out Stealth, Europe’s fastest coaster that takes you from 0-80mph in under two seconds or Nemesis Inferno, an electrifying ride with G-force of 4.5. If you seek water adventure, try the Logger’s Leap. The latest thrilling addition to its 30 rides is the SAW, a horror movie themed roller coaster. Although Thorpe Park doesn’t offer much for tiny tots, they’ll love the Flying Fish, their first roller coaster experience. There is also a 4D movie experience for the little ones along with the beach area complete with a large paddling pool.

To satiate your culinary desires, there’s a Cadbury store to dive into the world of chocolate. Plus, the Calypso BBQ and Bar is a perfect place to enjoy a Caribbean-inspired food.

Tips: Book in advance online at to get 20% off gate prices. Yes, you read it right. For adults, the cost is £28, for 12 and under it is £18 and for a family of four, the price is £82. Sofitel London Heathrow Hotel and Hilton Heathrow Hotel are 4.6 miles from Thorpe Park.

Chessington World of Adventures

Nothing quickens the pulse quite like a combination of an amusement park and a zoo. And Chessington World of Adventures is just that place, offering the best of both worlds.

From animal shows and events to special attractions and rides, there are plenty of things to do for non-stop fun. The park is divided into nine lands, each offering unique rides you’ll never forget. Among the most thrilling rides is the The Vampire, a suspended roller coaster that quickly glides you through trees. Dragon’s Fury is another wow-worthy ride, a spinning family roller coaster that leaves you dizzy like a drunken man. If you’d rather want to relax than thrill, Dragon’s Fall is a leisurely boat ride ideal for you.

The animal land takes you to a journey into the exotic wildlife. Keep distance from the Capybara, world’s biggest rodent that can hide under water for about 10 minutes. The Safari Skyway gives you a whole new perspective of the entire park.

Tips: Book in advance online at to save up to 27 % the gate prices. Yes, you again read it right. Ticket prices for adults are £24 and £17 for kids. Book your stay at Cannizaro House Hotel which is a mid-range hotel 6.4 miles from Chessington World of Adventures.

London abounds in theme parks and dungeons, ready to thrill beyond belief. Next time you plan a family holiday in London, don’t miss a day out at one of these amusement parks.

Photo credit:  Dave Catchpole via flickr

Guest Author’s Bio: Eden is an excursionist and an ardent travel blogger. Born and brought up in London, he is often found on the road less travelled. Keen to explore distant lands, he loves sharing his travel experiences and ideas across the web.

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