san miguel de allende, mexico

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Courtesy of Lucy Nieto @ Flickr
Courtesy of Lucy Nieto @ Flickr

A small colonial village in the heart of Mexico, San Miguel Allende has for decades opened its doors to a legion of American expats. While climate and serene life style were likely a factor for the first few, the large proportion of English speaking inhabitants has accelerated the process.

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  1. Too bad the place is not really a Mexican town, it’s practically owned by Americans who have raised the Real Estate value way out of proportion.

  2. As to Laura’s comment: “the place is not really a Mexican town, it’s practically owned by Americans” — wrong, wrong and wrong again. San Miguel is, in many ways, more “Mexican” than many other towns in the country. It has preserved many traditions that have died out in other parts of Mexico. It’s cobblestoned streets reflect its colonial heritage and are full of Mexicans going about their daily lives.

    It is not “owned” by Americans. We make up approximately 10-12% of the population. Obviously, that means 88-90% of the population is Mexican. A huge proportion of the tourists that flock to the town is Mexican, since San Miguel is very important in the history of their independence.

    The part about real estate being more expensive here than in many other parts of Mexico is true, but it is not only because of the ex-pat community. A very large number of wealthy Mexicans are buying weekend homes in San Miguel. It’s very much akin to Carmel or Santa Fe, where real estate prices rose out of sight because of the “artsy” feel, the wonderful climate, and the desirability of the location.

    Come to San Miguel during Semana Santa or the September fiestas, and you’ll see the streets thronged… with Mexicans, enjoying their heritage, their festivals and each other. It is still very much a Mexican town.

    For a lot of info and photos of San Miguel, you can visit

  3. Donna, thanks for giving us the insider’s view. Being a Mexican I’ve been in the area many times and I doubt I know it as well as you do. I think cities or towns should thrive on cosmopolitanism, so be proud of the changes you bring to San Miguel just like we are of the latin culture we bring to the North.

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