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Exploring Little Rock Neighborhood by Neighborhood

by Mary Jo Manzanares on May 1, 2013

Little Rock Arkansas downtown market district

Drive through Anytown, USA and you are bound to notice some local color: a someone famous slept here sign, Home of the World’s Largest something or-other, or the world’s capital of something. So what do you get when you visit Little Rock, Arkansas? The Little Rock neighborhoods create a rich patina of cultural, heritage, and […]


Hotel Review: 21c Museum Hotel in Louisville, Kentucky

by Jenni Ingersoll on January 11, 2013

21c hotel, Louisville Kentucky

Louisville, Kentucky might be known to the world as home to the famous Churchill Downs and its prestigious Kentucky Derby.  Some might even know it as the birthplace of  America’s native spirit, Bourbon.  Until recently Louisville would not have made my list of cities housing one of the top ten hotels in the world.  Still, […]


Savannah, Georgia: History Around Every Corner

by Jenni Ingersoll on August 15, 2012

When it comes to historical cities, there are some places, like Philadelphia, that look historical.  Then there are other places, like Washington, DC, that are rich in history because of the past that it holds.   In Savannah, Georgia,  I could not only visit and see the historical sites, but I could actually feel the past that surrounded me. […]


Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo: The Little Zoo That Could

by Jenni Ingersoll on June 26, 2012

With the economy in a bit of an upheaval, it has been difficult for some businesses to stay afloat.  Particularly hard hit have been tourist destinations.  Many attractions in the Gulf Coast cities have had an especially hard time facing a decrease in tourism. Not only because of the economy, but equally devastating to the […]


Gaylord Opryland: A Weekend To Sing About

by Jenni Ingersoll on June 8, 2012

Nashville, Tennessee is undeniably the the heart and soul of country music. With many artists living, working and recording in this town, country music fans flock to Music City as it is nicknamed.  An easy drive and convenient one-tank trip from numerous cities within the Midwest, Nashville makes a great weekend destination. My family and I set out […]


LuLu’s: A Buffet of Fun in Gulf Shores, Alabama

by Jenni Ingersoll on May 2, 2012

When you are the sister of Jimmy Buffett you have quite a reputation to live up to as far as entertaining goes.  As a restaurateur,  Lucy Buffett opened the friendly LuLu’s Sunset Grill on the edge of Week’s Bay, Alabama, in the spot where she and her brother used to fish when they were children. Located […]


Savannah: Birthplace of the Girl Scouts

by Jenni Ingersoll on March 2, 2012

Having been first a Brownie and then a Girl Scout, I was familiar with the name Juliette Gordon Low.  She is, after all, the founder of Girl Scouts of the USA.  Yet, I really knew nothing about the creative woman or her dynamic family history.  That is until a recent trip to Savannah, Georgia, the […]


Stretching Your Travel Dollar in New Orleans

by Tui Snider on January 6, 2012

Jackson Square in New Orleans (photo by Tui Snider)

Some of the best things in New Orleans are free – or nearly so.   I recently visited at the end of a long trip, when finances were getting low, and discovered a few tips that kept my budget in check while allowing me to experience the city to its fullest. Lose Yourself in the […]


Beach Vacation at Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina

by Jenni Ingersoll on December 12, 2011

Charlotte, North Carolina is situated within the state nearly equal distance from the mountains to the West and the beaches to the East.  I was proud to call it home for a number of years, and enjoyed many wonderful adventures there.  While the mountains provide scenic wonder, my heart is firmly planted in the sand […]

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Georgia Shines as a Wine Destination

by Rita Cook on August 31, 2011


Some wine lovers scoff at the idea of drinking wine from anywhere but France or California, but wine snobs beware – the state of Georgia’s wine growing region is sneaking up on the rest of the world.  With a climate that mirrors the south of France, Georgia’s northeastern section is now the proud owner of […]